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This is a blog about love, children, marriage, divorce, dating after 50, aging parents, food, perimenopause, shoes and more shoes, PMS, good sex, awkward sex, menopause, grown children, viagra.

I'm Lisa and this is my life, silly, cheeky and just plain weird.

Love Can Bite!

Love Bites are audio clips based on real conversations from my funny & awkward love life, featuring my friend Robbie Rist, who plays every man who has graced my path.

like mini romantic comedies

Random Thoughts

Is it wrong when I see a nice guy my age and wonder how healthy his wife is? When I die, bury me in a size 2 dress and leave the back open … ‘cause eventually, it will fit me. Do animals go through menopause? Don’t ever ask someone if they’re pregnant unless you see a leg hanging out between their legs. I woke up this morning and found three more pairs of leopard shoes in my closet. I wonder if my cat likes me, or is that a reflection of how I feel about myself? My nail lady looked in my eyes when she massaged my hands today. It felt so intimate I started to giggle. Savasana would be so much better if my yoga teacher would lay his toned, hard body on top of me. Yes, I said that! I have to work so hard not to fart and sneeze. Since I became a vegetarian, I smell like Campbell's vegetable soup when I work out. Super hot ... I know.

The Blog

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone: The Musical

This week the men give us a sneak peak into whether their first blumpkin is worth remembering, and what men consider a benchmark-worthy first. Lots of impromptu singing about The Lady Flower and Lisa’s scar from that cute guy from Jr. High School. Zach Laliberte I’m an artist who works at arting most of the […]

Can Kale Chips Kill Love?

Is your relationship ready for a road trip? Would you date a man who eats spirulina balls? My refrigerator is full of kale and greens. I can’t imagine something greasy, or eating meat. Pamela Anderson  

Perimenopause, Ex-girlfriend’s Baggage and Rage – The New 50!

Guests: Dean Haglund & Ken Pries This week we’re hearing all about dating a menopausal women… oh yeah, and how to deal with that Ex-girlfriend baggage that keeps following you around (you know, the rage). Dean Haglund Dean is best known for his role on the X-Files as Langly, one of the three Lone Gunmen which led […]