This is a comedy blog about my life, mostly funny, sometimes awkward and always honest.

Let’s get naked & laugh together… life is so much easier that way.
Metaphorically naked!

Love Can Bite!

Love Bites are audio clips based on real conversations from my funny & awkward love life, featuring my friend Robbie Rist, who plays every man who has graced my path.

like mini romantic comedies


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The Blog

Be Here Now! Or just eat popcorn!

“Be here now” runs through my head about 20 times a day! I love to eat popcorn and I eat it almost everyday. I make it on the stove in my mom’s old spaghetti pot. Coconut oil, butter, nutritional yeast, sea salt and basil. Just being me, watching you! Today I feel about eight years old. […]

Glorious Belly Fat!

Dear Belly, I know you want to be seen in all your glory. I understand that you have retreated for a very long time. I am not ready for you to be a part of my life. Maybe just another ten years and I might embrace you. Until then I prefer you, my tummy, to […]

Have you sent your poop through the mail?

I have not a had a physical years, although I have been to the doctors quite a bit. 1 mammogram 1 ultra sound on my ovaries 1 ultra sound on my left breast I gave 3 vials of blood to my gyno for assorted tests of her choosing. I gave 4 vials of blood to my […]

Men Have feelings Too: Kiss And Tell

This is a frank and sometimes hilarious discussion on how men honestly feel about kissing (no Franks were harmed in the making of this podcast). Featuring the brilliantly talented and well spoken, Dan Gilvezan Rick Overton Eric Paskel Robbie Rist …and they all kiss and tell.