Comedy with Stretch Marks

I talk about love, children, marriage, divorce, dating after 50, aging parents, hiking, perimenopause, shoes and more shoes, PMS, good sex, awkward sex, menopause, grown children, viagra, yoga and popcorn.

this is my life, silly, cheeky and just plain weird

I hope this makes you feel better about your life

Love Can Bite!

Love Bites are audio clips based on real conversations from my funny & awkward love life, featuring my friend Robbie Rist, who plays every man who has graced my path.

like mini romantic comedies

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Cat at Vet

Spiritual GPS

I was looking for a video to share with a friend who I thought needed some guidance and I found this video of Pema Chodron for him. I think I was really looking for me, reminding myself to Be Here Now. Shhhh! Or shhh. “The best place to find a helping hand is at the […]