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A brand agency that uses comedic storytelling to help increase visibility for brands, products, and services like yours.


You are in the right place if… You’ve been in business a while and have no fucking clue how to show your brand to the world! If you’ve been in business a while and no one is paying attention! If you have no earthly idea how to market your business! You have no idea how to tell your brand, product or services story. If you hate gold foil on websites and bad catch phrases. You want to make video, webinars, and live-streams and have no earthly idea how to be comfortable on camera and need to improve or just get your ass on camera! You need a marketing strategy that feels non-selly and makes your customers get off the fanny and take action! Need help creating radio ads or podcast ads or streaming audio ads i.e., brainstorming, copywriting, messaging. Need someone to just make your radio or podcast commercials from start to finish. Don’t mind a potty mouth and a silly person and you want a partner in crime to make you look brilliant and sell a lot your stuff. And you have a sense of humor about your life & your business & understand why bananas are funny.

And so you're thinking how can i work with this cool, quirky weirdo company?

Okay, time to pull out the serious font and get to business...



♦ We can brainstorm a list of solid ideas and concepts for your newsletters, course, website copy, sales funnel, digital ads, FB ads or podcasts ads.

♦ We can brainstorm and map out ideas for videos, webinars, live streams, podcasts and get a handle on your marketing so you sound earnest, authentic and real, not like a snake oil salesman. Email for rates and info.

Video Coaching


♦ One-on-one coaching to help you get comfortable on camera for videos, live-streaming, social media, video conferencing, webinars and job interviews. Learn more and book A Discovery Session

♦ Get Comfy On Camera online course with daily activities, check-ins, and light-hearted step by step instructional videos to take the scary out and put the fun in. Join The Wait List

♦ Join the Get Comfy on Camera FB Community

Ads & Commercials


♦ Help you brainstorm concrete script ideas that will write themselves.

♦ Cast and produce your scripts with our amazing stable of actors.

♦ Create, write, cast and produce commercials for radio & streaming audio. Take to me to The Radio Ranch


I will make your marketing so fun you won’t even know it’s happening.


Wait! Who is Lisa Orkin?

Lisa Orkin or Dorkin Orkin as some call her has been mixing comedy, story, and marketing for over 20 years. Creating award winning commercials with the Radio Ranch and award winning indie films with the likes of Adam Mckay and Shira Piven. She is a comedian, actor, writer, podcaster, audio director and a veteran solo artist, and storyteller. This feels weird talking about myself in the third person.

I am a crazy good idea person, I can write comedy dialogue like no one’s business, have a special super power to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end in under 60 seconds, a snazzy dresser and have a tailless cat named Violet. I am terrible smoothie maker, can’t draw, organize a drawer or park and drive like a grandma. I hate spreadsheets and coloring in the lines.

I am such a poophead! I forget to tell you I will come in person to your luncheon, yoga studio, living room or little or big biz conference to tell you funny stories, teach you how to use comedy in marketing, how to get comfy on camera, in public or on a date. These in person things can be interactive, like a workshop or just me standing alone singing for my supper. I’ve done all these things quite a bunch and like it and they like me and I have been known to bring special guests and cookies.

You can request a list of nice words from nice people who have had me as a guest and press stuff if you like. Just send Jane an Email and she will write back happyeachday10@gmail.com

If you want to talk about any of this please drop me a line let's set up a virtual coffee date.

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