Evan Z “I have the weirdest job in the world, I am a professional organizer.” – Evan


“Who we love, what we do, and how and why we life, everything else is just stuff.” Evan

How did you get here?

“I got laid off from being an interim director.” – Evan

“If I can get them organized, I can do anything, and got my first job less than a week after I was laid off” – Evan

He works with people in life transition, marriage, divorce, baby, retiring, freaking out because Trump just got elected.

“I’m the girl in grade school that had the perpetually messy desk.” – Lisa

“I put my silverware where there is space.” – Lisa

“If it doesn’t feel like it’s a problem, then I don’t mind. Until it doesn’t work for you.” – Evan

“I don’t want to try to impose what I think is a good system on someone else” Evan

“Or they’ve stopped putting mail in my box because it’s too full” – I hate dealing with mail

Where do you start? What are some little things?

“People listening, there is no such thing as clutter free, life is messy, it’s supposed to be, so just let yourself off the hook of unrealistic expectation” – Evan

“Use your things to prioritize what’s important to your life” – Evan

Things tend to lose their importance over time.

“How do I stay inspired and engaged by this process?”-Evan

“I love moving because I get rid of half of my stuff” – Lisa

“When I go through my closet, but friends come out of the woodworks to get my clothes” – Lisa

If you’re trying to get inspired to do something, and do it well. You need two things

“The inspiration triangle: Ownership and accountability”

Ownership: Intrinsic desire, inherent need, chosen with intention, clarity, and purpose, and I feel resolved to succeed in this goal. – Evan

Hunger – we go to great lengths to satisfy that need.

“Sometimes I get so overwhelmed, I lose the fight” – Lisa

“Overwhelm is the result of excess” – Evan

From his book, “Intentional absence of excess, creates the tangible space for abundance.”

“Creates the literal environment for us to feel productive, abundant, gratitude. Get rid of those things that no onger serve. We’ve got this environment where we can thrive.” -Evan

Weeds in a garden choke other plants we want to grow.

“Clutter is absolutely a metaphor: Yeah you can help me with my space, but can you help me with my mind” – Evan

Create a physical zen-like environment, profound impact on spiritual life.

“Meditation as a brain dump, be out of the minutiae of things rolling around.”

“Not having to carry details around in your brain makes you more present” – Evan

Why do you think we get tripped up?

We don’t have a system

Time (3 types)

  1. Appointment: Start time and end time with a specific person and location
  2. Task: Unique, do this thing one time, check it off and it’s done
  3. Project: Lots of moving parts and pieces, coordinating people. (Evan uses Trello.com)

He uses a Blue Sky calendar, the only one he recommends, least expensive. Likes it because it has everything he needs

Monthly: Appointments, tasks on the side with check boxes

Weekly: Re write appointments and tasks each day

“I bought a really beautiful calendar last year, and about a week in I forgot about it” – Lisa

“That calendar is my bible” – Evan

He has it open in front of him almost all the time.

Every Sunday, he and his wife sit down for 7 minutes “Sunday Sync”

re writes all appointments for the week to come, and fills the tasks in in between.

“Just make sure you’re being cognizant and aware of which category it falls into” – Evan

“OMG I really want to do all that, and I want to make it happen” – Lisa

What if I got a giant notebook?

“Why did you say wah-wah to my legal pads”- Lisa

“I need a pen in my hand in order to think” – Evan

“I organize by what I want to do” – Evan

“All of the details of my life exists in my day planner or my trillo” – Evan

Consolidate all the details.

“All I have to do is flip a couple pages and there they are” – Evan

“I’m learning on my podcast that I’m stubborn in my ways that aren’t working” – Lisa

—–Technical Break—–

“Tests with the dots were impossible for me” – Lisa

“I can look out the window for hours, but I have tracking issues” – Lisa

“They put me in theater classes and I did great”  – Lisa

“Thank god check balancing is online now” – Lisa

The executive functions are a set of processes that all have to do with managing oneself and one’s resources in order to achieve a goal. It is an umbrella term for the neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation. http://www.ldonline.org/article/29122/

Integrate old and new information, regulate emotions, understand and put complex information in context. Attention deficit goes hand in hand.

Animal Piles Exercise: tiny plastic animals, sorting them into piles, and then new piles, over and over again.

“Forcing the brain to see through a different lens”  – Evan

Developing muscle memory, connecting the synapses,

“Looking at this pile of shit on the floor and saying, OH! I can make sense of this!” – Evan

“Begin with the end in mind” 

Three Step Method: What is your ideal vision? Magic wand it into existence how you want it. What would it sound/smell like? Simpli

If it’s not part of my vision, it needs to go. It’s just a liability, it’s going to be clutter in my space.”

“Get rid of the things you don’t need creates more space” – Lisa


  1. Simplify
  2. Clarify/Organize: Clarity about the essentials.
  3. Inspire/Desgin: Bringing it to life with style and vibrancy. You are inspired to do the maintenance to keep it going. That’s the long term piece”

Quick Start Guide for all of the details above and more.

“We don’t live in Dwell Magazine” – Evan

“I grew up in a beautiful home that was perfect in every aspect.” – Lisa

“You need to be inspired by your space, so when you go in there you feel good” – Evan

“I want you to be able to open your cabinets to see what’s available to you” – Evan

“It sounds very doable to break it down, it inspires me to tell a friend I will help you if you help me” – Lisa

“Helping people connect the dots with their contribution to clutter on a global scale” – Evan

What am I supporting ethically, environmentally with my purchases?

“Be very mindful about what am I buying.”

Slave wage conditions so I could get a discount? Carcinogenic groundwater leaking? Deforestation that I’m supporting?

The Good Trade

Clutter Free Revolution Academy (Coming Jan. 2017)

Simplify your stuff, in every area of your home and life in 90 days.


“We have to experiment with ourselves, we have to stretch” – Lisa

“Someone says, ‘I can’t sing’, I say, go join a choir!” – Lisa

“Living under the weight of accumulation. They want to shed it” – Evan

Aphrodisiac – Free audiobook

“Inviting you to ask what you want from yourself” – Evan

“As soon as you clear your mind, your space and set your intention, it appears out of thin air” – Evan

“Contrast is a very effective way to help people understand” – Evan