Organizing my website, opt-ins, making sure people who’ve signed up for my mailing list are getting what they sign up for!

We’re using a project management collaboration software called Asana. Great place to manage any project, get everyone organized in one space.

“Kind of like a refrigerator for your business.” – Lisa

“When tasks start to fall off, I get the jitters.” -Meghan

“It’s like looking at an SRA test, or one with all the little dots in it.” – Lisa

“It’s as simple as a to-do list” – Meghan

“This not so much helps you, but if you want to hire other people” – Meghan

“Before you hire a team, you have to get your business out of your head.” – Meghan

“A client can be so ephemeral, how can you talk about it?” -Meghan

Emotional resistance camps:

  1. afraid to put it out there. It can’t fail if it never get’s out there in front of people.
  2. perfection mentality. when you’re working on your own stuff, you’re so close to it.

New team member orientation: elevator pitch, ladders, marketing, etc…

Goal: Everything we build for you, the information will live here.

“If there’s order in this part of my life, then I can handle whatever life throws at me.” -Meghan

“If I’ve had a bad day, I’ll come home and straighten up. It will put me in a calm.” – Meghan


GET SPECIFIC Chunk down to-do list into infinitely small tasks.

There are a lot of repetitive tasks, so to-do lists become an easier task.

Weekly operations task list: What has to happen? break it down smaller, dig deeper into the task and assign it to the day.

When other things come up!

Some people shift their whole day

Some people take the call that comes in and have a space to put schedule that in.

make a list of likes and dislikes to figure out what you maybe can take off your plate.

SOP – Standard operating procedure : maybe you can’t do every job, so you write something as a guide for someone. After orienting the new hire you create a system to make sure they are set up for success and then maybe some of those training wheels will be removed at some point once trust is established.

WOTL – Weekly operation task list

Asana – Hub, WOTL, goals

Keep the business running and grow the business

Keep a running list of goals, then refine it down and make formal goals.

Superstitious about planning.

“There are certain things you can’t plan! It’s really good that we’ve found each other” – Meghan

Here are the goals, here is a project that will accomplish some of these goals.

For example:


monetize Honestly Lisa

more list building

launch the course

strategic marketing plan

Project that will accomplish some or all of those goals:

Launch Course Be Silly Now


What is it that we’re going to be doing

whats the description

what start date/timeline

what requirements to launch? (in this case, what do we need to clean up?)

Once you’ve decided to make it a project, you create an area for it.

Technicals, how to do’s, detailed specific tasks.


Making relationships with clients. Building a tribe.

“I have all of these things done, they’re just out of order.” – Lisa

NOW WHAT!>!>! Where do I start?

Deciding deadlines – and starting right away – going straight down the list.

When you notice what things you don’t want to do, you figure out who you want to bring on.


Decide when you want to launch.

Looking at the task list, what would you prefer to hire out.

List building campaign: have facebook ad campaign starting on the 10th to collect email addresses/advertise e book


  1. Think about course launch, who you want to have helping with it
  2. Write out your task list for the week, normal to-do list (so we can break it down)

task ideas: brainstorm ideas, decide on an idea

Videos : cataloging, scheduling when and where they go out. What has to happen to them before they go out? intro tags? what copy has to accompany them?

Start to notice what happens weekly. Repeatable tasks.

“Breaking the tasks down will enable you to do the work-that’s planning!” – Meghan

Biggest takeaway: Breaking things down to a manageable level.


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3. Click on our album cover that pops up towards the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the homepage for our show, but make sure you don’t accidentally select one of our individual episodes instead.

4. Select the “reviews” tab toward the top of the screen, and you’ll see a purple “Write a Review” button on the next page.

5. It might ask you to log in to your iTunes account, but otherwise, this will open a form where you can enter your thoughts!