A little honesty…

When my boyfriend & i broke up I read 7 eBooks on how to get your boyfriend back
Read 5 books on how to move on from heartbreak
Stayed at 2 ashrams
Saw 4 psychics
2 healers
Went to 293 yoga classes
986 down dogs
5 Eckhart Toile Audio Classes
Bought 7 dresses from Anthropolgie
8 dresses from Free people
27 from Forever 21
14 pairs of shoes
Wrote 7 letters to Oprah
2 and a half yoga retreat
1 witch doctor
Used 2 voodoo dolls
1 Juice cleanse
Had 2 almost boyfriends
2 nights of bad sex
47 Ambien
57 Xanax
3 Magic Brownies
84 nights of Valerian Root
97 Melatonin cocktails
20,002 sighs
900 pieces of chocolate
4 nights of good sex with my ex
37 prayer candles
Had Eight million tears
5000 hopeful thoughts
in 6548 hours of my life
Who says I’m not good at letting go!

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