What is normal sex? On this week’s episode, Kevin Forrest and Seth Shapiro are asked the hard questions about normal sex (whatever that is) vs. Fantasy Sex (whatever that is).

 Kevin Forrest

Kevin is The Fitness Answer Man at AskMeFitness.com 

As a lifelong Fitness Trainer I love talking to people about Healthy Eating and Exercise. So much of what people hear about fitness is more for competitive athletics, extreme weight loss and 6-pack abs instead of Wellness. I like clarifying the confusion about Diet and Exercise to enable people to simply be healthy and live a longer more productive life.
Occupation: I am a Physiotherapist at a Chiropractors office and a Fitness Trainer for almost 30 years.
Sign/relationship status: I’m a happily married Sagittarius who loves his Libra.
favorite soup: New England Clam Chowder
celebrity doppelganger: I just think its neat that Cho from the Mentalist works out at my gym and he was really nice!

Seth Shapiro

I’m an actor, writer, and comedian originally from Chicago but have been out here in LA for 11 years.  Ive been with my fiancée for about 4 1/2 years, and we got engaged last summer.

Occupation: Actor/Writer/Comedian

Sign: Scorpio
relationship status: Engaged
favorite soup: oops, food, Buffalo wings!
celebrity doppelganger: Patton Oswalt, Sean Astin or Darrell Hammond.