My mom said to me when she was dying, Lisa bury me in a size four dress and leave the back open cause eventually it will fit me.

I thought when my mom died I would gather the strength to be the women she wanted me to be- instead i became the woman i wanted me to be.

Dying in my family is preferable to being single.

Really being single in my family is really like being born without a face.

My fear of death parallels my fear of being a single woman with a cat…. But here I am a single woman with an old pussy… name Margret…. a calico.

“I intend to live forever, or die trying.” Groucho Marx

How Do You Want to Die? with Dr. Martha Joe Atkins

Here is a link to Dr. Martha Joe Atkins’ website!

Today I spoke with Dr. Martha Joe Atkins, a rockin’ cool Texas chick, about death, dying, and tacos.

Even though this sounds like a super serious podcast, its still kinda funny and thoughtful.

You should go check out Martha’s book Sign Posts of Dying on Amazon!