On the outside looking in, Nikki looked to me like she has it all! And I wanted to know from Nikki why and if she could help get me get it all, relationship, business, crazy ass confidence and drive. Or just confidence.

I said out loud on the podcast twice that I have been thinking about marriage again. So if you see my boyfriend don’t tell him I said that. Don’t worry. He does not read the show notes or read my blog or listen to my podcast. Honestly he doesn’t know about Honestly Lisa and I plan to keep it that way.

Nikki has found her purpose in life, and that purpose is business! Nikki is here to pursue business, to learn it, and to teach it to you!

Today I got to chat with the awesome Nikki Tanyika Lewis about everything from sheep and our love of Target, to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Check out Nikki’s Biz Underdog to Topdog blog and podcast here!

Nikki has provided a freebie sample of her book The Ultimate Food Business Starter Guide, so check it out! If you want more, the ebook is available here (she even has an audiobook version available if you don’t feel like reading).

Show Notes:

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]If I could do a show at 10am in a Target parking lot, that would be perfect. [/Tweet]

  • Eggs and coffee in the morning, thanks to Tim Ferriss

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]Even in the world of sheep … there must be one sheep that’s in charge of all the other sheep. #honestlylisa[/Tweet]

  • Momentum – A Chrome extension 
  • Evernote 
  • Link for the Lucky Bitch book by Denise Duffield Thomas

Nikki’s Verbal Rorschach:

Light – Heaven

Creation – God

Cookies – Yum

Tree – Rainbow

Chocolate – Tonight

Turmeric – Indian?

Love – Life

Computer – Dad

Kale – Fave

Levitation – Blaine (as in David Blaine)

Touch – Trey

Heart – Cupid

Spirit – Connected

Work – Love

Marshmallow – Ahhh