“Once Upon a Time there was a little girl with a lazy eye and skinny legs, then she grew up and she still had a lazy eye and not so skinny legs” – Lisa Orkin

Antonio and I did short film together called, Mom. It’s a dark comedy about losing my mom and finding refuge in a convent with some kind nuns and a handsome priest.
Here is an secret link to watch for those reading the show notes only.  https://youtu.be/XS820PWyTaw

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]“One man’s lazy is another man’s War and Peace.” – Lisa Orkin #honestlylisa[/Tweet]

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Mentioned in the show:

My Penis In and Out of Trouble – Antonio Sacre

Write Club LA

Chicken Man Show

Theatre Oobleck


Hollywood Fringe

Junior Achievement

The Tony’s

Name Dropping:

Paula Killan

Jenny Magnus

Lily Tomlin

Whoopi Goldberg

John Leguizamo

Danny Hoch

Antonio’s Verbal Whore-Shack:

Fish – Grampy Keef

Lazy – Me

Spice – Cumin

Taco – Vomit

School – Kickball

China – Confused

Fire – Uncle Tom

Sausage – Sanchicha

Sticker -My Daughter

Lens – Contact

Cuddle – You!

Rocket – Dog

Shadow – Superhero

Toes – Painted

Flower – Homemade Bread

Story – Ending

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]“I only write when I’m being paid to write, or if I have paid to write.” – Antonio Sacre[/Tweet]