I talked to my brothers this week!  Who knows me better? Really!

They were forthright with opinions and I am not sure they know me that well. Or do they?

They are funny and charming and full of thoughts about my life and why I am who I am.

Haris is the oldest and yes he spells it with one R. My parents did not know it was spelled with two,

Mike is between us both… I am not the baby though, there is one more of us.

We played houdini growing up and they tortured me and teased me! And they love me very much. I love them!

I think there is great insight in this podcast no matter who your siblings are… at some point my brothers forget we are recording and you get to peer in like a fly on the wall.

They would always help me out of a pickle!

“Success and failure are brothers, they become who they are because they never believed in each other.” Kingston Ahaneku

Show Notes:

James Bond

Nehru Jackets

Marty Feldman


[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]“Noodles and Milk is like, noodles with milk in it…” -Mike Orkin #honestlylisa [/Tweet]


Vocabulary Words:


Spinal Meningitis

What is your favorite bush?

Haris: Azalea

Mike: The Hanukkah Bush