Amanda Maynard is the “Get UnStuck Coach,” for people transitioning in business. I’m really good at clearing a path for people.

I feel like I’ve been in the woods since I was 2. – Lisa

Earliest memories of learning and sharing information. “The universe kept putting people in front of me, after I’d learned something” – Amanda

Is crying on the floor at night normal? Always during menopause.

“I don’t believe in coincidences” – Amanda

“I was an avid student, I was like a puppy.” – Amanda on e mail coaching.

“He told me I had 99% crap in my head and I was like, WAHOO! I have 1% still good!” – Amanda

He must see something in me, that I don’t see at the moment. So I’m going to believe in his belief until I believe in myself.” – Amanda

ALL THE FREAKING TIME: Being called out, to an opportunity, and not taking it, because it doesn’t show up how we’ve imagined it.

It is a muscle, “To be clear enough to see what’s in front of you” – Lisa

–“and know that you’re already worthy of the thing you’ve asked for” – Amanda

I get 20% done and then I get distracted.

Amanda relates, and has trained herself. She needed a team to take her ideas and keep them focused through launch.

“I need people that are much more structured and detailed than I am- and I tell them to hassle me because I know that’s what I need.” -Amanda

My daughter is my only assistant that can get me to focus.

“I always feel very stuck, and I have no idea what I’m really supposed to be doing” – Lisa

“There’s a part of me that thinks my endeavors are unrealistic notions” – Lisa

“Maybe I’m not funny enough” – Lisa, for the first time ever

“Your brain is trying to devalue what you actually have accomplished. What I would tell it is to go Fuck Off and sit in the corner” – Amanda

“I tell my mantras to go fuck off like they’re bullshitting me” – Lisa

Running theme: It’s silly to be silly. (WHO MAKES A LIVING BEING SILLY?!)

THOUSANDS of funny people, making THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS of dollars because people are dying to laugh.

The only thing holding you back, is the story of “Who am I?”

Who are you not to be that person, why not you?

“Who am I, not to have that, why aren’t I allowing myself to have that?” – Lisa

If you fully stepped out on the stage to be silly, what would that mean for you?

Lisa: People wouldn’t take me seriously…… EXACTLY

Jim Carey and Robin Williams do both!

I’m afraid I won’t be taken seriously, but I’m already not empowering myself to do it.

I renounced my self help books. My friends were so disappointed.

The self help was the next crutch to keep you from being your best self. The tool or the crutch.

Let the products come from going out on stage and doing your thing.

Teaching through comedy and humor.

“Most people need to learn to laugh at themselves” -Amanda

“I am missing something” – I am in the same money place I always am – Lisa


That is your brain trying to get you into judgement mode to get you into the downward spiral

The more you step into your power, the brain starts screaming these obscenities at you. As soon as you acknowledge that thought pattern is happening then you can say, really Lisa, how has all this personal development enhanced my life” – Amanda

The self help lets me see more beauty, be more compassionate – Lisa

“Can you see a connection to opportunities because you were in a better mindset? More attractive opportunities?” – Amanda

“The jobs come in and then they dry up and I’m in a bad mood and bad space. I get to be funny, I get to have my own show basically, but it’s my dad’s. I don’t feel like it’s mine. – Lisa

Not allowing yourself to have the full fulfillment because of the judgement.

“I want to attract clients that love OUR work, as it stands now” – Lisa

What I focus on I attract, I can focus on the idea that the new clients are attracted because of us.

Let’s change the language from “that’s what I Would want,” to “People are coming to us all the time for what we create and unique energy and sense of advertising.”

Visualizing the clients happily coming to you, telling everyone how amazing you are. Coming because they’ve heard of you.

“I see like 100 people” – Lisa

They are ready for you to accept that you are ready and there for them.

(777 word count – Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers)

The platter is there waiting for us.

“here is the beautiful meal, but I will stick with what I’ve been doing, cause I have had it forever. ”

I do a show that goes really well and want to go home.

“Have to switch hats, and go meet the next connection.” – Amanda

“Lisa’s not here, you don’t want her you want her father, her brother, Amy Sedaris, SJP”- Fuck that!

“From now on, I want you to open the freaking door. If you’re in doubt, I want you to visualize the people out there waiting for you” – Amanda

Get to the audience through keynote speaking. THINK BIGGER.

Close your eyes. Now, imagine you’ve walked into a conference. You are one of the speakers, you’ve walked up on stage, the music, the lights are going, how many people are in the audience? What are they doing?

Thousands. Its where I’m supposed to be.

You felt human because you were in your element and what you’re supposed to be doing.

How you’ve been trained as a comedian to do all that grunt work. Which you’ve already done.

“How do I go, book me? Because I know I can pull it out of my ass in front of 1000 people.”

COMIC CREDIBILITY! Proven funny thousands of times all over the country.

(999 word count – Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers)

“You already have the expertise” – Amanda

Keep sticking your head back in the hole, until you decide to see different options and possibilities.

“You keep going to the past, you’ve made it all up so it can be as real as you want it to be” – Amanda

I’m the only one that doesn’t see it –

“Their blind spot is their own gift- Our innate gifts are so easy for us, we automatically assume everyone can do it” – Amanda

“I’m not the girl who fucked up cheer leading try outs anymore” – Lisa

“Most of us spend our lives beating ourselves up for the things we can’t do.” – Amanda

“How funny are accountants?” – Amanda

Just decide. Everything comes from a decision. The next step will appear when you make that decision.

Playing small is a reoccurring theme on my podcast.

“Stop that. I have no time for this nonsense. Just freaking do it!”

Act as if it’s already true.

It is already true, you just have to act as if it’s already true.

Therefore I’m going to take the step and open the door. I open the door by believing it’s already true.

“Take action as if you’re already that famous speaker on stage.” – Amanda

Feel yourself there. Not just imagining. Feel.