What is numerology? Is there a rhyme to the science.

Shelly Winter’s told me I should change my name to Ollie Orkin. Would my life be different? Would I have 4 kid,s a great career and George as my husband? Or would I be an accountant living in Pheonix? And honestly either is fine as long as I was happy? Would that have changed my happiness factor?

What comes first the numbers or the life? If I changed the name to Ollie would it have given me a different sense of control and therefore a different outcome? I don’t know! I do do Nooell was awesome to talk to and she knows her numbers!

I have Numerologist Nova Noell as my guest today and you will love her and learn so much!

Show Notes!

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When Americans believe in something they believe strongly.

Cladean Numerology

She changed her name and her life changed after coming to the States from Denmark.

Every letter has a value.

When you take your husband’s name everything changes.

Early on in Lisa’s career people suggested she change her first name. One movie star suggested she change her name to Ollie Orkin???

Everyone has a story about their name.

Not liking her name drew Nova to numerology

She had been single for 8 years. The love of her life showed up months after she changed her name.

Changing her name changed her life and her patterns of behavior.

Numerology can look at how people perceive you and your physical self.


Lisa 1,9

1’s are leaders and ruled by the sun

9’s are fighters and are very powerful

Lisa’s number scope revealed creative power that needs to be shared for the greater good

It’s horrible to be told you cannot be angry.

The High Priestess lesson is to become the master and stepping into the light. You need to lead!

Emotion is hard to express for Lisa.

You have gathered enough knowledge.

Power and Money. Lisa is in a power sequence.

This has been a challenging year for Lisa.

Lisa says, “Sharing my life is my way to help. I think it helps when people see that we are all similar and we all struggle and we all fall down.”

“Please when I wake up let me see my path clearly.” says Lisa.

“Super-size what you are already doing.”, Lisa, says Nova

It is possible to scale with ease.

“I don’t think harder longer hours measure abundance in life. It shouldn’t be that hard. It should be relatively easy.”, says Lisa.

Comedy has really been your savior.

“I just really want to spread my joy and silliness and let people know they are okay.”, says Lisa.

People know they can really depend on you, Lisa.”, says Nova. “There is absolutely nothing flaky about your heart or your gut. People can really trust you. There is something very dependable and trustworthy about you.”

You have an inner voice that says it wants results.

Step into a leadership role. Step in the spotlight.

“People remember you because you touched them. You left them with something, Lisa.”, says Nova.

“Here’s a barn…let’s build it into a theater.”

“Being a comedian and sharing my travails in life is really how I help.”, says Lisa.

“I love stepping into people’s energy and saying Look at you!”, says Nova.

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