Bob Abrahams

I am an engineer. I have an engineering degree from Swarthmore College, a small (highly ranked) liberal arts school near Philadelphia.
My professional career was television and film engineering management, working with a team to get the project done. I started at this before everything became a computer.
I am officially old. At least the federal government has made it official by giving me a Medicare card. (And we all know that the federal government is never wrong.)

Occupation: Unpaid Professional Audience Person (Retired from TV/movie technology)

Relationship Status: widowed and single

Sign: Libra

Celebrity Doppelganger: Bill Nye (the science guy)

Favorite Food: Chicken – almost any preparation


Anton Salaks

Culinary enthusiast, paronomasia aficionado.

Occupation: Video Editor/Sculptor

Relationship Status: taken

Sign: UNION, and I love holding it up while standing on a table

Celebrity Doppelganger: The spawn of Billy Bob Thornton and David Cross

Favorite Food: Plant and Animal Life Forms