Be Silly Now

Stop Being So Serious

Ya know, kids laugh up to 500 times a day. Adults? Well, we only laugh about 15 times a day. And that’s an average. If life has beat the crap out of you, like it has a lot of us, you may not even crack a grin for a week.


Be Silly Now

Your 20-day guide to getting back your sense of humor.

Be Silly Now

It’s tough, right? Work and money, kids, marriage and relationships. And you know it’s pretty darn hard to find humor inside the piles of laundry, the unpaid bills sitting on the counter or the kids screaming from the bathroom that they need their tushy wiped… again.

Or maybe it’s all of the changes that life has dealt you that you DID NOT plan for that have stolen your smile. It’s that major loss of someone you adored, a divorce or a big move.

Maybe your forty-year old is sleeping on your couch… again and requesting a juice box like a man-child.

Or how about those crazy hormonal changes that made your chin hairs sprout up like dandelions and your mood vary somewhere between the Dalai Lama and Linda Blair.

There are all sorts of life changes that can steal away your joy, your silly, your laugh.

Well, when is the last time you actually laughed? Think about that. When is the last time you laughed until your eyes watered, or maybe something else watered (if ya’ know what I mean)?

That time when you laughed so hard you weren’t sure when you’d breathe again and your face flushed from lack of oxygen? Or you smiled so much that your cheeks physically hurt?



It doesn’t even have to be a huge belly-laugh though. Science says that just smiling can make some big changes in your physiology.


When? When? When?

So how do you do that? How do you smile when things kinda suck? Or when smiling is the last thing you feel like doing?

You could do it in less than five minutes a day.


And you can do it in a simple, effective way that does not require:

Hour long meditation sessions, sitting on a fluffy pillow, burning incense and chanting.

Thirty-minute gratitude-writing sessions in a monogrammed, gold-embossed journal.  

Endless worksheets that you likely wouldn’t do anyway, making you even more depressed.

Yoga, pilates, gonging or rebirthing- of any sort.

What you will get is an incredible, easy way to enjoy your life right now, as is, with no equipment or long passages to read or time consuming homework to do.

You’ll get a practical approach to living in the now that you won’t hate. Just a daily, gentle poke to your silly bone to help you relieve the pressure… of life.

YOU can start smiling again, laughing again and seeing the world differently right now… like a little kid, but with less drool.

YOU can be nicer to your work pals and also not want to snap your husband’s head off when he sits in his Barcalounger and had completely lost his verbal skills.

YOU can actually feel happy again… which I don’t need to tell you, is kind-of a big deal.

Humor is a coping mechanism. It’s a way to free yourself from the seriousness of crap life situations. You need it to thrive.

Be Silly Now is a 20-day experience that takes under five minutes a day to help make your life easier, better, funnier and more enjoyable.

You’ll get access to one video every day with a bite-sized to-do that anyone can do.

Be Silly Now is for you if:

You can’t remember the last time you laughed

You’ve been called “crabby” or if you feel crabby

You’ve lost that child-like ability to just BE SILLY

You have some stupid, misguided belief that adults should be all somber and “adulty” all of the time

When does BSN start?

It starts when you decide that “Franny Frownie Face” is not how you’d like to be known by the neighbor kids.

Now. It starts now.

And you can access it and do it from anywhere (except for a crowded coffee shop, I speak from experience here so just trust me on this one).

Do you really need more reasons to sign up? I think NO (but here’s one anyway- it’s much cheaper and more fun than a therapist’s couch).

Let’s do this together right now and let’s have some fun (unless you really like your frown lines, then don’t sign up)

20 Days of Be Silly Now is yours for $33.00


** Remember, I’m a Silly Person- not a doctor or therapist or counselor. This course should supplement any therapy, medication or protocols you’ve already been advised to follow by a professional.