Barry Neikrug

I come from a family of classical musicians. I play and teach classical piano. I have also been a comedian and actor for over 30 years.

Occupation:  teacher, comic, actor

Relationship Status: Divorced

Sign: Leo

Celebrity Doppelganger: Richard Gere

Favorite Food: Lobster


Jake West

Decorated with many awards, including his induction to the Fangoria Magazine Hall Of Fame, Doug is probably the most famous person you’ve never seen. His iconic work under prosthetic make-ups have inspired journalists to call him “Today’s Lon Chaney”. Such roles as Abe Sapien in HELLBOY 1&2, The Silver Surfer in FANTASTIC 4: RISE OFF THE SILVER SURFER, Billy Butcherson in HOCUS POCUS, and Pan (the Faun) and The Pale Man in the Oscar-winning PAN’S LABYRINTH. He currently stars as Cochise on FALLING SKIES, Season 5 begins airing Sunday nights June 28th on TNT.

Occupation: Actor

Relationship Status: Happily Married

Sign: Keep off the Grass

Celebrity Doppelganger: Don Knotts

Favorite Food: Tuna casserole