Sometimes, when I am in the studio with old friends, I forget we are recording a show that will go out to the universe. Eric and Tony are both so wise and honestly it became a little therapy sesh.

We still got down and dirty!

We talked about relationship pragmatism, backdoors and what these guys really feel about love.

Our guests

Eric Paskel

Eric Paskel, MA, MFCC, is founder and chief guru of Yoga Shelter or Eric Paskel is a rock’n’roll personality in a normally quiet world of yoga. He’s an energetic and unorthodox guy, and his goal — one that a million people have discovered since his company Yoga Shelter started in 2004

relationship status: one day at a time

sign: pisces

favorite soup: butternut squash/coconut purée

celebrity doppelganger: Bradley Cooper


Tony Edwards

Los Angeles native Tony Edwards is an actor, photographer and is the Genius in “I’m Your Genius” Personal Mac Support.

relationship status: happily married

sign: gemini

favorite soup: carrot juice …

celebrity doppelganger: Don Reed