Dear WG,

I am sorry I have not written today. I feel like I let you down. I did stare at my computer for hours, though, and did something constructive – I returned a pair of shoes (jeweled flats), because on my little feet they made me feel like an old Jewish lady from Boca.

Honestly, today I just felt too anxious to write.

So I shopped…

Shopping for me is like smoking a giant doobie. I truly let go and imagine how insanely amazing my life could be in the “Fleur Eyelet Dress” from Anthro, holding hands with my new FB crush as we walk through the Hokusai exhibit at LACMA stealing kisses… or in the funky silver Floggs from Nordstrom’s that I wildly dance my ass off in, with a bunch of hot gay men on a perfect summer night. Victoria’s Secret Sexy lounge clothes, Sunday morning, my lover, NY Times. I might live that life one day after my Zoloft kicks in.

I shopped 7 hours straight, fortifying myself with 65% dark chocolate w/almonds from See’s, Wetzel’s Pretzels and Kale jJuice.  I thought about writing… I did.

I apologize and will try to write tomorrow. I promise.



PS: I bought the silver Floggs as a gift to myself for trying for writing tomorrow. One day I will wear them.