Guests: Andy Merrill & Ira Heffler

This week, we’re exploring with Andy Merrill & Ira Heffler on how men decide if a woman is the marrying type, someone they want to sleep with or if the concept of finding the “marrying type” even exists!


Ira Heffler

I’m a native of Los Angeles (how rare is that?), now living in Studio City. Here’s a fun fact: Once a week I have dinner with friends I’ve known since the 3rd grade. We’ve been doing this ritual for the last 38 years. Also I’m tall, slender, and a great catch.

Relationship status: Single, never been married. Yet!
Occupation: I’m a Professor of Speech Communication (full-time, tenured) and a screenwriter (an actual, successful one!).
Sign: Leo
Favorite soup: I hate soup. (Okay – Chicken soup, but only when I’m sick.)
Celebrity doppelgänger: It used to be Sean Connery. Then it was Steve Martin. Now it’s Phil Jackson.

Andy Merrill

Andy Merrill is not an expert on things romantic. He’s funny once you get him started.

Relationship Status: Married
Occupation: Writer/Voice-over/Comedian
What’s your sign: Sagiwhocareius
Favorite Soup: She Crab
Celebrity Doppelganger: Charlie Callas (not really)