This week, I ask the men what they think of chivalry and being gentlemen, and if it’s even necessary in a modern relationship.

Dode Levenson

Dode Levenson is a film and television writer/producer from Boston whose latest film, a sweet little romantic comedy called One Small Hitch is available right now on Pay Per View, VOD, ITunes, Amazon, Hulu, etc. In a career spanning over 20 years, Dode has written across multiple genres including a Stephen King film for Miramax/Dimension, original animation with The Simpsons’ powerhouse Film Roman, urban family comedy with Magic Johnson, etc.

An article about writing and imagination,  the Jerusalem Post

Occupation: Writer/Producer
Relationship status: Going through 2nd (amicable) divorce
What’s your sign: Capricorn
Favorite soup: Creamy Tomato
Celebrity doppelganger: John Candy? Kevin James? James Gandolfini? Old Jonah Hill but with less hair and gap teeth?


Steve Ochs

FB page, heropp.comSteve Ochs author page.

My latest book:  MIDMEN: The Modern Man’s Guide to Surviving Midlife Crisis

Occupation: writer, entertainment marketing agency partner.
Relationship status: married 21 years (together with my wife 26!!!)
What’s your sign: yield or Gemini
Favorite soup: used to be chicken when I was carnivorous and vaguely Jewish. Now I’m pescatarian and atheist, so vegan Pho.
Celebrity doppelganger: my FB profile pic got Christian Slater and Bradley Cooper, you will get… disappointed. Thanks for asking.