Sally Hope

Played in a rock band, bass then guitar— is now a coach, because it covers a broader area of things that make her joyful- Started the Wildheart Revolution.

Why do you want to help people?

Being a girl in a rock band (and industry) dominated by men, people would always come to her and ask how she did it, how she lived her dreams.

Found inspiration in helping others forming their dreams. Didn’t know that coaching a thing, didn’t want to be a therapist, but really wanted to help. Asked a friend about when to leave music, he said when it wasn’t fun anymore. He also suggested she be a life coach.

She then researched as much as she could about the possibility of being a life coach as well as applying to school to be a therapist, because she thought her family would approve of that more like. Got into grad school but didn’t want to do it! Felt so sick about going to grad school, and felt so excited about coaching. Gut instinct. Some people can live without listening to that gut instinct– we can’t.

Helping people in a different way. Helping people from her own safe space, working from home and computer was an added benefit-an afterthought.

Moved to Costa Rica for five weeks after certification, tried to see if she could do this work from anywhere–without any support. Was surprised that this all meant she was her own boss.

We can’t do everything, but we can find people who can– important part of being a successful business owner.

Lisa is shy about admitting dreams because she’s worried she’ll be perceived as childish.

RV trip cleaning the poop trap is a shared concern- going on a trip and not knowing how, but being resourceful.

Having a money goal and reaching it, and then not being into it anymore. Reevaluated life, after burning out from pushing so hard. Pulling back and reigniting what it is she loved about her business.

Using marketing as a creative way of communicating instead of marketing.

What to do when you feel like you are not doing what you want:  Do things in life that make you happy, that don’t get you out of the current situation. Creating this joy in life makes everything a little better.—- and follow what would make joy in your life, following the crumbs of joy.

“Stop trying to solve that particular problem and start enjoying your life.” – Sally

“The minute I would let go of an idea, it would come back in a different way.” – Lisa

“We forget what led us to where we are.” – Sally

“Confusion doesn’t exist. Confusion is we know something, but we are afraid of it.” – Sally

People are afraid of following the gut because they perceive that is causes pain to others. This gets in the way of what we already know. -Sally

“Don’t know what to do: keep following what is joyful to you.” Sally

Pressure to live life the way other people expect: Am I supposed to be doing it like them? That doesn’t work for me.” – Lisa

“I haven’t planned any of the coolest things I’ve ever done” -Sally

Everyone’s always asking about my plan, and I don’t know what that is.

Do it your own way, and encourage and inspire others to do the same.

Upsetting to others when I do the things that I want, that are not normal. -Lisa

“A wild heart is a person who knows who they are and IS that person. And they follow the things that are fulfilling and joyful to them, and do the things that they feel called to do.” -Sally

Uncovering whats blocking them from seeing that they would be happier following the joy. Getting to the root of the matter, what’s stopping people.

Sally is super inspired by Phyllis Sues 92 year old yogi dancer, because she get’s to reinvent herself at every age.

Verbal Rorschach

  • Love: Beautiful
  • Bourbon: Yum
  • Keys: Unlock my door
  • Cheese: My favorite
  • Mountains: Beautiful climb yes
  • Water: Soothing
  • Tacos: The best
  • Yoga: Fun
  • Work: Love it
  • Hug: Aww Warm
  • Contact: Eyes
  • Wild heart: Independent
  • Slurp: Don’t do that around me!
  • Pink: Pretty

Favorite Bush: Jasmine