Every once in a while you find someone you know you have to be friends with and for me that’s Nick.

He is kind, tough, romantic, evolved and super real and cool.

And this is why I love Nick, in Nick’s words,

“I’m a dude, with a wife, five kids an online business. I also happen to have a history of living as a woman. This little piece of the internet is where I’ll attempt to tell you all my secret views of the world as someone who has lived fully on both sides of the gender coin.

I believe in soul mates and destiny and so many hippie things.  I believe in morning sex and donuts for breakfast and Thursday night concerts in dives with beer in plastic cups. I also believe in the word Mother Fucker… try it, it feels good as it rolls off the tongue.”

Nick was born with ovaries and lived as a woman, married a man, and gave birth to 4 children and then fell in love with the beautiful Anna and now lives as a transman with Anna. Together they have 5 children, Brave and authentic!



Show Notes & Links

Epic Danger

The Very Best Man

Nick has given birth to five babies.

If I going to be a girl I am going to be the best at it.

Trans-friendly people

Hormones change the way you smell and taste.

Listen to the first to the first time.

Men listen to men differently than women… they actually listen to men.

I stopped in the middle of the podcast to yell at my cat.

Hormones give Nick more energy that needs to be put somewhere.

I need to fight someone or fuck someone.

Do mothers take more ownership of their children?

Why does their house always look clean on Instagram when they have 5 kids.

Anna is a professional organizational coach. Declare Dominion.

Nick’s Instagram

Nick is studying to be a paramedic.

I don’t have to go to my kid’s holiday concerts anymore.

Nick’s favorite swear word is fuck.

Favorite Bush is lilac.

Nick changes would be to grow a beard and end child marriage.

We discuss hairy bodies in depth.

How the hormone changes your body and how it’s like puberty.

Lost masturbater on my porch.









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