I am cluelessly evolving into the same person all the time. I am able to talk about the problem, but believe I have no ability to change the trajectory. The issue just gets more sophisticated and stealthy so it takes longer to see it. Like a lost easter egg that just shows up at Christmas.

I have faith it will resolve one day I know it! I think.

Charles and Zach were so honest about commitment and their foibles.

I love talking to such honest dudes.

I swear ladies you will learn a lot from these stellar dudes.

Charles Freericks


Charles Freericks has been a rug salesman, a network television exec, a Vice President at a major Hollywood studio, an eLearning author, and is now looking at selling rugs again. Between it all he has also been a writer and is the author of the hysterical and historical book of memoirs, My Imaginary Friend Was Too Cool to Hang out with Me.

Occupation: Author

Relationship Status:  Happily Married

Sign:  Virgo

Favorite Food:  Shish kabob over pilaf with yogurt sauce

Celebrity Doppelganger: Ashton Kutcher (when he was younger)


Zack Kahn

Occupation: Actor / comedian / writer

Relationship Status:  Pending

Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Food: Who’s asking?

Celebrity Doppelganger: Lil’ Kim