Carrie Silver

“health coach and functional nutritionist, working with women and balancing hormones”

It’s not just women of women of your age, it’s women of all ages.

During all ages of our lives we are going through fluctuations.

Each woman is going through the same fluctuations as their best friend!

“If we’re all running together, then why doesn’t the whole world get its period?”

In the first phase of the month we are feeling happy, and toward the period (end of the month) we have less energy.

“we just can’t throw as many parties!” – Carrie on when we have less energy in our cycle.

“I’m putting this in my body and I know my body’s not going to be happy” – Lisa on eating traditional glutinous pancakes for her fasting glucose test.

“Hormones are building blocks and we need nutrients to make them work properly.” – Carrie

“Change is scary for people, for everyone, for me!” – Carrie

Carrie was always the healthy type, but always felt like crap. Had a lot of anxiety and depression and no libido. Extremely painful periods. Very active and realized when she was super low blood sugar that she needed to figure it out.

She had an inkling and went to see a functional medicine doctor that told her about hormones.

Up until then, she thought something was wrong with her. “Let’s fix you” This whole weight lifted, and it’s not about what was wrong with her, but her body.

“If your body’s mechanisms aren’t working right you’re going to be depressed” -Lisa

“Sometimes it gets hard to figure out what to eat.” – Lisa

We definitely have to cut out some things that are causing inflammation, and when we look at the connection between the brain and the body.

“Sometimes it’s not what you have to cut out, but what you’re putting in.” – Carrie

We are taught our whole life to go on this deprivation diet. Telling some women to take it out, that’s going to cause even more stress. Stress is a huge factor that people don’t even take in. ¬†– Carrie

Carrie loves going to the women’s health section in the bookstore, and she happened across the orgasmic diet. She had never liked chocolate, and this book encouraged her to incorporate more chocolate.

“incorporating new foods is where to start”- Carrie”

“We are not talking about a Hershey bar here” – Lisa

“there are a lot of nutritious foods that are frickin’ yummy”

“I get aroused from sweet potatoes” – Carrie

Sweet potato is good before your period, and it’s great for building serotonin, which helps with anxiety and mood.

“We’re living in such an awesome age” – Carrie

“I use hemp milk, I just want the world to know” – Lisa

I haven’t had a period in four months, menopause is signaled by a year of no period. I feel like I’m in a constant state of PMS.

Greens at every meal, what kinds of fats are you having?

Can we talk about the gut? I love talking about the gut.

“There are so many tests out there now to find out what’s going on in the gut” – Carrie

Healing food, restoring the intestinal lining. Leaky gut- when particles making it beyond the intestinal wall.

Functional medicine doctors – they look at the root cause of the problem. Little bit of testing and natural medicine, blend of eastern and western medicine.

Once you solve the root cause, then you’re solving symptoms.

Not feeling well happens over time and you don’t realize you’re not your best self.

“One day you’re like, This is my life and I don’t feel very vibrant” – Lisa

“I 100% believe everyone should the life they fricken want to live.” – Carrie

Women say, oh this is just the way it is. About sex, about food, other passions.

When we are looking at anything, there are always multiple cause possibilities” – Carrie

Glennon Doyle Melton’s Love Warrior

“How are you supposed to have a good experience in the bedroom if you’re stressed out?” – Carrie

“Orgasms have a lot of potential health benefits” – Carrie

Produces oxytocin, which is anti cortisol (stress hormone, one of the women’s health epidemics)

“Getting pleasure is such a huge part of the healing process for women.” – Carrie

Book rec: Dr. Christiane Northrup Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“There are a lot of things in my life that I never really dealt with like I thought I had.” -Lisa

I wonder if that’s contributing. Did I spend too much time covering up that I don’t know how not to be that person.

People think PMS is normal. Severe painful, periods, every month.

“Do you think that’s normal? I learned to deal with it” – Carrie

“1/4 of YOUR LIFE that you feel pretty shitty” – Carrie

“25 years of feeling shitty- not okay!” – Lisa

“My mother used to say, ‘People do their best work when they’re not feeling well'” – Lisa

“It’s not just effecting us health wise, how is it causing us in our relationships, in work, being a mother when we are feeling like fucking crap?” – Carrie

You don’t have to live like that. Think of how much better life could be when you don’t have to live like that.

Are you putting nutritious foods in your body? are you taking probiotics? What is your stress level like?

“Overhauling your life might not be a good situation”- Carrie

“What is MY normal?” – Lisa

Instead of taking things away, what’s one good thing you can add?

Foods that help women during PMS:

Bone broth: good for the gut.

There’s a bone broth bar in Portland!

Sweet Potatoes and eggs and greens for breakfast – Carrie

Avocado is great for healing the gut too!

What are you incorporating into your diet?

People underestimate the power of short walks.

Do you meditate? Yes. It’s my own me time. Having to do it, vs. choosing to do it. Visualization time. It becomes fun.

Be Silly Now – for helping people be in the now, for laughing at themselves.

Finding things to add to your life that make you happier. Not about piling it on.

Finding ways to be present.

Give yourself permission to feel good. I deserve to feel good!

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