Do you feel self-conscious?

Do feel like you have weird mannerisms?

Does your voice sound funny to you?

Are you scared of stumbling on your words?

Are you afraid no one is watching?

Do you feel like the whole world is watching?

Does it freak you out to see your reflection on camera?

Does being on camera feel like that naked in school dream you had in the 3rd grade?

Hi, I’m Lisa.

I have been performing my whole life and I’m an introvert.

I know, I know!

How I got comfortable was by falling down a lot… 

…and making a connection with my audience by telling a story, or sharing something I believe in. And that’s the nitty gritty… to make it about your message and put your mean self in the back seat.

And that’s where I come in…

Because I know how hard it is to let yourself be seen, and if you want to grow your business or deliver your message it is a necessary part of today’s crazy, wild-cool digital universe.


What can I do to help you be your best on camera...

  • I can give you easy tools to make sure you feel comfortable & confident on camera, on live streaming, and on video.
  • One on One coaching where I can figure out your blocks and give you simple little solutions that will make being on camera a breeze.
  • Hold your hand and or review your webinars, live streams or videos.
  • I can even be a fly on your wall to bring you comfort during you live video events.
  • We can brainstorm, create content and work together to find the quickest way to connect with your viewers through video.
  • Teach how you can use your own special weirdness and quirks to make compelling videos and live events.
  • Help you shape your video brand stories.
  • Help you stay on brand while being true to yourself on camera
  • Help you pick the right clothes and makeup to make you shine.
  • I will share all my little tech secrets that I’ve learned along the way to help you look good and feel good.
  • And I am all about fast and easy, No special tech skills required.

Let's Book a Coffee Date

And find out how to get you started on camera

A little more back story…

At age 20, I ran away from Los Angeles and I ended up in Heilbronn, Germany, performing musicals for the German State Theater, dancing my way up and down the Danube River. It was a supremely happy time for me. SIGH! But all the greasepaint, bright lights, and curtain calls still didn’t satisfy me. Eventually, I landed back in Hollywood.

I became stand-up comedian and a paid regular at The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. Next, I made the leap into television and film. I guest-starred in sitcoms and was a featured lead in many TV commercials. In 2009, I wrote and starred in several award-winning indie films with the likes of Adam McKay and Shira Piven.

Here’s the thing, I have failed, bombed so many times that I have learned to see every moment as an opportunity… and through everything how to use the uncomfortable icky feeling to my advantage. And since I did all that falling down you don’t have too… cause I have condensed all those performance skills into a quick way to help you find a comfortable place on camera, live streaming or on stage to share your story with the world.

Time to take action.

I HIGHLY recommend Lisa’s coaching. Talented, informative, silly and compassionate teacher.

Ed Levitt

Car Broker, Ed Car Guy

Best breakout session in the entire conference.

Mark Gordon

President/CE, Missouri Broadcasters Association

Lisa Is brilliant and my Sister


Video Game Writer