The question of the week on MEN ARE PEOPLE TOO is “Do you remember the first time you wanted a girl to be your girlfriend?” Reminiscent of the “She will be mine, oh yes.” From Wayne’s World. Do you remember?

Barry Schwartz

Not necessarily in the following order: photographer (architecture, portraits, documentary), writer (non-fiction, blogs, copy), designer (web and paper), educator (college level classes in business practices for creatives). http://www.barryschwartzphotography.com

occupation:  Trying to convince myself it is true when I say that sleep is overrated.
relationship status:  Living with really significant other.
what’s your sign: STOP!
favorite soup: Pozole
celebrity doppelganger: Socrates


Michael LaFevre “FEEVE”

occupation: freelance writerproducermusician
relationship status: happily married
what’s your sign: gemini
favorite soup: chicken soup w/ matza ball, noodles, rice, & kreplach from Art’s Deli
celebrity doppelganger: Kevin James

John Pirruccello

Twitter: @johnpirruccello

Born in Texas the son of an Air Force pilot John drove a taxi cab in San Francisco while learning improv from Jim Cranna before leading his own weekly improv class. There he broke into voiceover and eventuality moved to Hollywood where he has worked steadily in voiceover, television, film, theater, Improv, and stand-up. Memorable roles include Gregor Hobart on “The Mentalist”, PI Nick Stavros in HBO’s “Phil Spector”, The Therapist in “Two Bit Waltz”, Papa on “Thundercats”, and Henry in the upcoming film “Incarnate”. John is currently working on “The Secrete in Their Eyes” with Billy Ray. He has two children and lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Peter Hyoguchi
At age fifteen, Peter won George Lucas’ youth film festival with a sci-fi short called The Future’s Future. Two years later, he directed a grant-funded feature film adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s play, No Exit.

Hyoguchi’s screenwriting assignments include a Ray Bradbury script for director John Carpenter and an adaption of Herman Hesse’s Nobel Prize-winning novel, The Glass Bead Game.

Peter wrote and directed the dramatic feature First, Last and Deposit which won both New York and San Francisco Independent Film Festivals and aired on IFC.

Hyoguchi lives in Los Angeles and is repped by Metropolitan Talent Agency.

Steve Benaquist

Twitter: @SteveBenaquist

Comedian, writer, sketch actor, world traveler. Former newspaper boy. Twitter: @SteveBenaquist website:

occupation: Man about town; Thinker
relationship status: taken
what’s your sign: leo
favorite soup: carrot onion or excellent clam chowder
celebrity doppelganger: Never been told one I believed, though Jason Sudeikis Comes up the most.