I have the thoughtful, smart, talented Kelly Carlin in the studio today!

We have a ton in common, both tendered & raised by professionally funny men.

Chickenman & The Hippy Dippy Weatherman

I am not sure I have discussed the fact my dad was Chickeman. He was local radio personality in Chicago and dressed up in feathers and tights and went to malls on weekends to meet people. After the feathers, he became a national radio guy and advertising guru as well.

I always thought kelly’s dad was much cooler, truly the comic’s comic that spans generations with his humor and brilliance. I was lucky enough in my Comedy Store days to watch him put together shows.

All that being said, they are still just our dad’s, that we love, and try are best to be the good girl for… or the good daughter.

Kelly and I unpacked our lives as daughter’s, showbiz struggles and finally how to be your own women. Kelly is doing full force… me I am a bit behind.

I think we both dove deep in this conversation and held nothing back, talked about everything from Carl Jung to money, to Carol Burnett.

Show Notes!

Here is a link to Kelly’s website. Kelly Carlin

And if you want to Unplug With Kelly go check her course. She will teach you how to use meditation and MINDFULNESS and easily fit it into your life.

Kelly got her degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian Psychology in 2001 at Santa Barbara’s  Pacifica Graduate Institute

She lost her mom a few years before the entered Pacifica Graduate Institute

Kelly’s dad was a bit uncomfortable with the autobiographical work and that created pause.

Carl Jung

You may be visiting the same part of the circle in your life but you are a little higher up so you have a little more consciousness

Life Coaching

Lisa is up for anything, but her follow through in life is sucky

Kelly needed to get on stage

These negotiation we make inside of ourselves with our parents is interesting.

Kelly is writing her second book about daughter-hood.

None of the stories we tell ourselves are true. You get to rewrite your story. This is where follow through comes in.

What if there is no safety net? The safety net does you a disservice.

Kelly’s father’s legacy is really important to her. She wanted to participate in the world as his daughter. She needed to walk the fire of being her father’s daughter in public.

Lisa hears’ all the time, you’re just like your Dad, but not quite…

We’ve all felt like we’re drowning, we’ve all been lost and confused, overwhelmed by tragedy. We need to tell our stories.

Kelly needed to get over her stage fright.

Carol Burnett

Lucille Ball

Lily Tomlin

Spalding Gray

Kelly needed to prove to herself she could do it

A Carlin Home Companion

Entertainers Who Died on Stage

Rain Pryor

Marianne Williamson

Rick Shapiro

Eddie Pepitone

We live in a world that has no set path anymore unless you are in technology.

How do you monetize this??? It’s not so much about what you want to do. It’s more about the needs of the people out there that you align with.


B School

Jen Louden

How many pots are on your stove and what are the pots. You only have so much fuel for so many burners in your life.

Honestly Lisa

The only way we get things done is by incremental baby steps each week.

Unplugged Class

Go grab Kelly’s book A Carlin Home Companion for free with my audible link below!


Danielle LaPorte 

Louis C K

There is no competition. It is abundance.

Jim Carrey Fashion Week

The Wonder Of Life is Kelly’s Spiritual Path

Kelly Carlin.com

Contact for Kelly

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