I love Robbie!

He is my creative soulmate!(I think this wording may make him feel weird)

We both are excellent at self-sabotage and laughing at our ass crazy lives.

He is my Love Bite Partner, the Yin to my Yan, my everything and smart monkey. (I am very emotional today so this is why the last line exists.)

We talked about— Show Notes

Radio commercials

Finding myself and letting people in

Robbie talks about the 10 Commandments

Bay City Rollers


The Outsider

Why we work.



Have you ever hung out with anĀ agent?

“I’m an actor thing”

Lone Wolf

Sending Thank You notes.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]I was at my boyfriend’s lone wolf apartment last night[/Tweet]

Robby and I sing a song together at the end.


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