This Week’s Podcast: Men & Romance; What does Romance mean to them?

Guests: Bill Berry, Michael LaFevre, Ed Levitt, Rodney Rincon

This week, we ask the men about romance. Is it for us? Is it for them? What makes something romantic? How do men define romance? Check out this week’s podcast to get their answers.


Bill Berry

Bill Berry is a songwriter/producer whose recent works include the soundtrack for the webseries “The Funtastix Show” and music & lyrics for the musical “Monkey Mind”. His solo album “Awkward Stage” will be released in spring 2015. More information at

Occupation: Songwriter
Relationship status: Taken
What’s Your Sign: Taurus
Favorite Soup: Lentil
Celebrity Doppelganger: Jeremy Irons

Michael LeFevre

Occupation: Freelance Writer, Producer, Musician
Relationship Status: Happily Married
What’s Your Sign: Gemini
Favorite Soup: Chicken soup w/ matza ball, Noodles, Rice & Kreplach from Art’s Deli
Celebrity Doppelganger: Kevin James


Ed Levitt

Occupation: Actor, Yogi, Car Broker.
Relationship Status: In a relationship, she’s the ding dong to my door bell.
What’s Your Sign: Pisces
Favorite Soup: Mom’s chicken soup
Celebrity Doppelganger: Brad Pitt! (Kidding!) I get Michael Chiklis or now that I have a goatee Bryan Cranston


Rodney Rincon 

Relationship Status: Married
Sign: Virgo
Favorite Soup: Menudo
Celebrity Doppelganger: Bill Murray or Gene Hackman