Your life is completely different. Even than that person you thought was you.

Amy Wright and The Drunk Mom

She took a bunch of business courses, and nothing ever happened for her. She kept at it because she thought she was supposed to.

“Hustle More!” She ran herself into the ground for 7 years trying to make it work.

She is raising a teenager, and trying to be a perfect parent. Why isn’t anything working out?

She snapped 5-6 months ago, wasn’t enjoying what she’d done in her life lost her mind.

“You know what would be really cool? Cause I’m a genius!” – Amy

She told her husband she wanted to make videos about all the things moms do but don’t want to talk about. He was worried for the kids sake, but then she just went ahead and made the videos. She didn’t tell her husband for months.

“I don’t want to die with any regrets” – Amy

The videos were extremely well received, and she said her first step was to make a facebook page with videos she thought were totally hilarious.

She hit 5000 likes within a few weeks, and her previous business page was torture. People loved this.

She gets emails from people who were having a hard time with their kids and lives.

The way I went viral, Share Ross, told her facebook live would grow her page fast. No regrets, let’s do this!

She locked herself in her bathroom, sitting on the toilet talking about real life. “The time I shit my pants and the story of imperfection.”

We are cautious about what we put online, sometimes its really scary. Did I just put very real stuff out there?

26000 followers in three months. It’s crazy. People love that its real life, and it makes them feel normal.

She shared how nasty her car was after driving the kids around for a few days.

My husband had a barbie shoe stuck to his butt.

The one that went viral:

shit my pants

drunk dancing

gas station blocking diagram

Not doing anything but creating, not marketing anymore.

Amy had a baby when she was young.

Invited on a talk show, not really what she wanted to be doing, but it was a step in the right direction.

Now she just looks like s sad drunk mom on this show they ask her.

People fall down, it’s so much more entertaining. Where did we get the idea that we shouldn’t show our imperfections? – Lisa

“That shit has been communicated so long” Amy on expectations of moms to hide their imperfections.

“We feel like it’s our fault if everything’s not perfect.” – Amy[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]We feel like it’s our fault if everything’s not perfect. -Amy Wright #TheDrunkMom[/Tweet]

“We live in this hidden society” – Lisa

My boyfriend covering up his farts with the coffee grinder.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]”when you’re not your true self, you just get depressed” – Lisa[/Tweet]

“I’m not a huge fan of rejection.” – Amy

How did your husband not find out?

He’s fairly busy and they have 5 collective kids. Once things got going, and she got comfortable stepping into the role of playing honestly.

“I have this gut feeling, you can call it appalling or whatever, but I can’t settle for a 9 to 5 job. I can’t ignore the fact that I’m somewhat entertaining. I can’t continue to push that down and ignore it, and not share my god given gift with the world.”

Raised by hippies.

Bong on the coffee table, mirror and straw and razor. Successful parents, but very loving and accepting of people. It was just normal life for me.

Trying to communicate two different worlds into one.

“I’ve never been able to work for somebody” – Lisa on never being able to keep a job.

There’s more than going somewhere you hate every day.

She doesn’t know if it will ever make sense to her husband. Unless its raking in the dough.

Just making something and putting it out there has just turned into something amazing!

“If you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing it will be hard, if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing it will be easy.”

She will make several videos a day when she sets aside time. She comes up with these ideas in her shower and keeps the ideas in an app on her phone. She films in her laundry room.

She edits her own videos still because she wants to make sure it comes out the way she means for it to.

“Until I know my standards, I really can’t delegate that out.” – Amy

Live streams as much as possible whenever she feels like it.

She talked to her kids about what she was doing so they wouldn’t be surprised or embarrassed. She started with her oldest.

She explained to her kids how it will help people. “I want my kids to see my following a path that’s something I want to do. ”

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]”I want them to see me being fucking brave!” – Amy Wright #TheDrunkMom[/Tweet]

Somebody let a man with a foot fetish into my show. He was groaning while I was barefoot on stage.

Amy wants to hire someone to go through and delete all the horrible comments. That’s the first thing she will delegate when she can hire someone else.

People making shitty comments “you’re a terrible excuse for a mother” nasty things, and stalking those mean people!

“You’re not going to come in my living room and take a shit and leave. i’m gonna smear your face in it first, and then i’ll escort you out the front door” – Amy

Folding the fitted sheet– first video she ever published!

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]”I see other people’s linen closets and i’m like, I don’t get it” – @lisaorkin #honestlylisa[/Tweet]

Wanting to take control of all the things you should be doing, vs. doing what you do.

Share Ross– amazing, living as her real self.

“It was going to rock the boat too much, it was more change than I was willing to make at the moment.” -Amy

I never wanted to perform again after my boyfriend showed up at a show where I totally talked about him.


Dinner: Dead or Alive

OPRAH!!!! Oprah came from some serious shit. More deplorable shit than any of us can imagine. She over came it as a black woman in the United States, struggled with her weight– over and over and over again. “I love her resilience–it’d be Mama O!”

How do you imagine your death?

It’s part of life… I always thought I would die young, it’s always been the driving factor in life. “perceived as untimely.” I want a funeral that is packed full and I don’t want it to be solemn. Rocking music, play the jack in the box over the casket. “I don’t want to leave this world without making a huge impact, is the bottom line”

Asshole grandparents. Dealing with the different generation and time in history.

Amy asks, “When did your pubes start to turn grey?”

Lisa replies: Skunk stripe early on. Then I died it. why. Then I vajazzled.

Pube sisters!

Lazer your chin hairs while they’re black! The white ones won’t be lazered!

full pubic growth – bob ross – Amy

Orgasm loss around peri-menopause ” I’m going to be a fucking bitch for a while” -Amy

Verbal Rorschach

horse – rider

taco – vagina

electricity – lightening

peanut butter – silly

jeans – really tight

love – heart

deer – in the headlights

chinese food – cat

brave – Merida

clothespin – laundry

open door – open door policy from corporate days

What’s your favorite bush?

My bush!!!!!! BobRooohhhh