When woo woo gets real with Melody Park Shin.

Show Notes: 

Melody is a soul awakening alchemist, reality up-grader, and mermaid.

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Melody and I discussed this Hawaiian prayer, so here it is as promised!

Ho’O’pono’pono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness, love, and healing.

There are four phrases that are used as a prayer or declaration.

You must first quiet your mind and focus on yourself and being present in your heart.

The Ho’O’pono’pono phrases are used to assist in self-cleansing.

The first phrase is “I am sorry”, you apologize for whatever you may have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to this situation.

“Please forgive me”, you acknowledge that on some level you have contributed to the situation simply because it exists in your frame of reality. You are taking responsibility for the situation.

“Thank you”, you are expressing gratitude and offering thanks to your true self.

“I love you”, you are offering these words to your true self as well as the true nature/self of the other person or the situation.

These phrases are meant to acknowledge, forgive, and offer love to a situation or person that is concerning you.

 “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion