The question posed this week is “Men, do you remember the first time you were naked with a girl?”

 Welcome to Men Are People Too, where I interview a variety of men; comedians, actors, musicians, artists, writers, computer programmers, yoga guru’s, actually anyone with a Mr. Winky to gain perspective on how men see love, sex and relationships from their side of the ship.

This episode’s guests include:

Chris Bonno

Chris Bonno is a professional comedian and artist. –

His fine art prints can be found at –

relationship status: taken
sign:  cancer
favorite soup: Mushroom soup with cheddar cheese

Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz is a musical satirist/composer/playwright from Boston, Massachusetts and is currently having too much sex to concentrate on writing a short bio.

occupation: Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer
relationship status: Coupled (unmarried)
sign:  Pisces but…really?
favorite soup: Boston Clam Chowdah
celebrity doppelganger: Cross between Matthew Broderick and Don Rickles

Jimmy Lee Wirt

Originally from St. Louis, Mo., Jim Wirt now makes his living in Los Angeles as a multimedia specialist. When he’s not producing The Ralph Nader Show or The David Feldman Show, he builds websites and creates artwork for a variety of comedian clients ranging from Marc Maron to Rick Overton. He’s currently producing video shorts for the online series Love Bites, featuring Lisa Orkin and Robbie Rist.

Robbie Rist

Robbie Rist does a lot of stuff. Most of it art related. He is the voice of Stuffy on Doc McStuffins , he has a band called The Wrong Dots and he has a podcast called The Spoon. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


occupation: Entertainment
relationship status: Taken
sign:  Aries (or Slow Children at Play)
favorite soup: I’m Jewish. Chicken matzoh ball… doy
celebrity doppelganger: Paul Williams

Robbie’s FB page

Here and Here are links to Robbie’s Podcast.