Lisa Orkin feat. Jennifer Vally

I admit that this episode is ripe with name dropping, and might not be very deep. But it was good to talk to someone who I feel is a contemporary of mine as well as someone who was in the same shoes as a young mom and comedian.

Ye Olde News starring Robbie Rist as Benjamin Franklin

We’ve known each other at least 20 years. We met at LA Cabaret.

“We were both young mothers who wanted to be comedians.” – Lisa

“I had so much more energy when I had little kids to get me up on stage” – Lisa

“If my butt can stick out farther than my belly, I’m good.” – Lisa

Trying to find contemporaries. Young brunette mothers. Not a lot of women in the comedy venues. We felt like we were pretty unusual.

“Will you drive me to my gig? I’ll let you be my opening act” – Jennifer on how she got her first paid comedy gig.

“You get up when it’s dark, don’t you?” – Jennifer

Thinking about doing Roast Battle at the Comedy Store

Jennifer was in theatre when she was growing up, moved and did some summer theatre, then moved to LA and did sketches and got into comedy.

“You couldn’t get on stage unless you wrote something for yourself” – Jennifer on being a woman in sketch theatre.

“I know what’s funny now, it’s a science” – Lisa

“I’m not sure I know why people laugh, but I know what will make them laugh.” – Lisa

“I speak with my ex too. We have kids!” – Jennifer

We got more done when we had little kids. FYI to the millenials, kids do not change your lifestyle. “I had a cleaner house and I got way more done” – Lisa

Babs – Our dear Babs. A woman in her 40s when we were young comediennes. She had children and she was a comic and writer all along.

Contemporaries: Maria Bamford , Zach Galifianakis, Chelsea Handler, Heather (Chelsea’s writer)

“I felt like I couldn’t compete because I was a mom” – Lisa

Don’t sleep with comics. Even if you’re the opposite sex, there’s still the competitive vibe.

Going pee outside, trying not to pee on my shoes.

Tree People – bathrooms that are dark because of motion sensor lights.

Being safe in a creepy neighborhood, keep a frying pan in your car.

Can you bury your pets just anywhere?

“Cremate me and sprinkle me at fryman or the shoe department…” – Lisa, after I die.

“I will not shop in stores where I don’t believe in their practices.” – Jennifer

not macy’s too! And bed bath and beyond. “I wanted an instapot, but I guess I’ll just get it off amazon” – Lisa

“Amazon prime is like my boyfriend” – Lisa

We went to the women’s march!

Marla Maples – more beautiful in person, still!

Favorite signs at the women’s march

“Keep abortions safe and legal Trump / ABORT TRUMP”

“Without immigrants, Trump would have no wives”

Hollywood is such a small world, but not even within Hollywood. Weirdest connections.

Pregnant by choice, photoshoot pregnant with an american flag. “The reluctant madonna”

I want to do comedy again, but I don’t want to jump through the hoops, I’ve already done that.

Set List

Auditioning for America’s got talent, like they wanted her to have a gimmick. Wanted her to be a grandmother, feeling pigeon holed as a woman in a certain between age stage.


Taco – Tuesday

Table – Top

Love – Hate

Beans – Cheese

Sushi – Stinky

Grass – Smoke

Forest – Trees

Horse – Hair

Bucket – Pail

Do you have a bucket list? No.

How long is her bucket list? It makes it sounds like she’s dying!

“Well I did that, I’m done now” – Lisa about her grandfather

What’s your favorite bush?

Barbara. Of all the bushes, she’s better than an Oleander.


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