I ate chocolate covered Strawberries on Valentine’s day and woke with a migraine.

I only ate four!

I love food and it does not always love me! I don’t do well-eating grain and sugar. Bloat, brain fog, and bad sugar numbers!

So, I need to be creative in the kitchen… not my strong suit!

And then! Dun, Dun, Dun! I found Cristina Curp from The Castaway Kitchen on Instagram!

And she changed everything for me! Cristina is an amazingly prolific Chef and recipe developer that faces crazy health challenges and cooks around them creating amazing food that is super easy to make and tastes absolutely amazeballs!.

Cristina and I get personal about food and health. She is funny and smart! You will love her! I do!



  • Healing and eating well is all about self-love.
  • It re-learning how to cook.
  • Cristina’s healing journey has shaped who she is and has allowed her to help people.
  • No one should tell you that you just have to deal with it. Everything in your health can be figured out.
  • You can help any health issue through diet.
  • You need to apply clean eating principles to real food principles as much as possible.
  • Health shouldn’t be just for rich people.


Self Portrait And Lopsided Self Love

Self Portrait And Lopsided Self Love

I did a self-portrait. The first one I've ever done. I was hard it took a few tries and I gave on hands. I even put my lopsided boobs in it for authenticity. Grateful that I have both of them. My one boob misbehaved and had to give up a part of itself. I guess it...

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So, one afternoon I stopped by to check on him, he was sitting in the kitchen eating a tuna sandwich… completely naked with the neighbor lady Mrs. Martin, also naked, drinking tea out of my mother’s favorite teacup.

I stopped cold when I saw them; too far in the kitchen to back out they saw me. I quickly averted my eyes as to not see my father BRAVADO lying on the chair to Mrs. Martin, who’s seventy-something landing strip stared at me like an old Billy goat who was sticking his tongue out.

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106: I’m Dating My Own Body Feat. Jill Allen

Jill Allen Radiant Vibes- I don't usually listen back to my podcast but this time I did, and we had a bit of a slow start so hang in I promise it becomes a wild train of discovery. Sometimes everything we need to know is sitting inside us... but for me being quiet and...

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Here’s the Poo Poo Platter

I have all kinds of ways of sharing my stories, audio, video, words and on my podcast. Below are some shortcuts. That’s me ↓

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