PDA and Dirty Words: Do those sweet (or salty) words help between the sheets?

Dylan Brody

Dylan Brody is an award-winning playwright a humorist storyteller and a novelist. He lives in Sylmar California with his two dogs, Sir Corwin the Beautiful Dog-Faced Dog, Brindled Beast of Sylmar and Lord Buckley Sweetlips, Greatest of all Dane Mutts ( the dinosaur slaying dog), as well as his wife whose name escapes him at the moment.

relationship status: Married
sign: taurus
Favorite soup: Any bisque
Celebrity doppelganger: Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Rob Dew

Rob Dew is producer, activist and professor living in Venice Beach CA. Travelling is his passion
occupation: College Professor
relationship status: Dating
sign: Virgo (Leogo really)
Favorite soup: Tom Yum Gai
Celebrity doppelganger: Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Alex Stein

Alex Stein is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and writer who produces the weekly Muse Literary Salon every Saturday evening at Muse on 8th.  He’s performed at storytelling shows all over Los Angeles and his first essay collection NO, MR. BOND, I EXPECT YOUR DREAMS to die is available all over the world 24-hours a day on amazon.com.
occupation: Writer/Director
relationship status: Married
what’s your sign: Virgo
favorite soup: Cream of Mushroom
celebrity doppelganger:  Tom Hanks/Alan Alda


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