Guests: Dean Haglund & Ken Pries

This week we’re hearing all about dating a menopausal women… oh yeah, and how to deal with that Ex-girlfriend baggage that keeps following you around (you know, the rage).

Dean Haglund

Dean is best known for his role on the X-Files as Langly, one of the three Lone Gunmen which led to the only X-Files spin-off of the same name. He performs globally, and paints locally, can be seen with his dogs in the neighborhood.

Occupation: Bon Vivant
Relationship Status: In a lovely long term
Sign: do not disturb (any further) / or Leo
Celebrity Doppelgänger: Fabio
Favorite Food: on the search for the most amazing RIBS on the planet. Have yet to find it.

Ken Pries
I am a Discordian at heart and all round funhead.
I’m spending the second half of my life learning to love and stop getting arrested. Fnord.
Occupation: Production Sound Mixer/carney
Relationship status: on a scale of 1-10, it’s awesome.
Sign: Aquarius
Celebrity Doppelgänger:  ranges the gamut from James Hetfield to Lemme, depending on my haircut and mustache, but I see myself becoming Tom Waits going thru an awkward  David Crosby phase
Favorite Food: Rocky Road