In this week’s episode, we delve deep into the wardrobe of your man, the heart of your man or men and go from the serious to the absurd. I am always blown away by the honesty of conversations and this time is no exception.

Honestly, I have been going over this episode in my mind for days.

Was I too harsh on my guy about his Jean Jacket from the 90’s? My last three Loves all had favorite jean jackets with logo’s on the back that had great meaning for them. Do I just love sentimental men?

At 50 am I still missing the point? Absofuckinglutely!

Am I looking for arm candy and still objectifying men? Are tasseled loafers, pleated dockers and white sneakers worst than a mistress? Or another girlfriend? Can chemistry blind me to “dated” clothing and poor moral or spiritual choices? A man is more than his outside! God, I’m shallow.

Dave Cox

I’m a magician and improvisor. I’m fun, and believe that other people should be, too. I have written for HBO, ABC, and Paramount (I have an Emmy from working as a writers apprentice on Frasier, but don’t feel I earned it). I’ve been on Broadway. I was a professional masseur. I do a lot of old time radio with Fake Radio, and we’ll be doing a recreation of some old sci fi on May 16 at the Trepany House, and will be doing a theater run of The Charlatans, the improvised magic show in Chicago next month May 7-10 ( or

Occupation: Magician/Entertainer

Relationship Status: Taken

Sign: Sag, Year of the Monkey

Celebrity Doppelganger: Noah Wiley if he lets himself go

Favorite Food: Sushi



Emery Emery

I’m Polyamorous living with a partner and in a long distance relationship with another partner.
Edited “The Aristocrats”
Currently Producing “A Year Without God”
Host of “Ardent Atheist” and “Skeptically Yours” podcasts.

Occupation: Comedian/Producer/Director.

Relationship Status: Polyamorous

Sign: Capricorn

Celebrity Doppelganger: Dean Cameron

Favorite Food: Vagina