Do you waste time? Do you get lost in all the stuff you need to get done? I do! I do! That is why I am getting help form productivity expert Ellen Goodwin.

I’m a time waster and sup disorganized. I try! I do!

Honestly, I was the kid with the perpetually messy desk in school, it seemed to get messy within moment minutes of cleaning it. As an adult closets, car trunks, garages, silverware drawers. Organizing time feels the same… I suck at organizing time.

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

Bruce Lee

I feel like I waste so much time and I get distracted so much! I can’t my life on track! Only if? I can “Only if’ myself to death!”

I had that perfect pair of shoes.Only if I took that other job!

Only if I took that other job!

Only if I had… blah!

Only if I looked like Angelina Jolie!

Life is now! Time is up!

And if I walk to the kitchen and forget why I am in the kitchen. I need to enjoy I am in the kitchen. I need to be kind to myself,

Show Notes!
People lose their collective shit during the full moon.
It’s a crazy Monday and then there’s the moon.
I help people get their shit done so they could be the action hero of their own lives.
Ellen helps people be more productive.
It’s about making lists. No list!
Being productive is neuroscience-based.
Your amygdala is all emotion.
The lizard part of us.
Ellen gives us a little exercise to help us deal with the moment of that fried or flight or overwhelming anxiety. And your back and your back .
You can’t breathe slowly when you’re in a fight or flight situation.
I’ve always been very disorganized, my car is a mess my purse is a mess. Right now there’s laundry behind the camera.
There are really great ways to move out of that will overwhelm every day.
Timing things is helpful. A kitchen timer is your friend.
Because the amygdala is like a three-year-old kid.
You play games with your amygdala.
Negotiate with your brain.
I was that little kid always staring out the window.
Focus in on one thing, otherwise, you’re exhausting your brain.
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Ellen almost lost her business from looking out the window Facebook lost focus.
You know what it feels like to be me and that makes me trust you.
Menopause thyroid of things that don’t help with focus.
There’s a funky little thing called, the superior colliculus or as I call it the funky medina cola!
I really dig the Facebook News Feed Killler
When you take a break you should do something mental if you’re doing something physical and vice versa.
A dance party for one.
Here is a link to my favorite hula hoop!
Decision Fatigue
Hyperbolic Discounting
Wimpy from Popeye
Habit Stacking
Buddha had a plan the whole freak’n time!?
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