I have not a had a physical years, although I have been to the doctors quite a bit.

  • 1 mammogram

  • 1 ultra sound on my ovaries

  • 1 ultra sound on my left breast

  • I gave 3 vials of blood to my gyno for assorted tests of her choosing.

  • I gave 4 vials of blood to my Onkie for assorted tests of her choosing.

  • I grateful gave them both urine samples in that silly little cup my my name and birthday on it and set on a shelf in a whole in the wall.

  • 2 teeth cleaning

  • Every other year I see my eye doctor and he sees me and insists on touching my eye!

  • 10 visits to my acupuncturist give or take.

  • I see my ENT guy once a year in the spring.

  • A visit my therapist once a week.

Now I need to to add a colonoscopies und to send a postage paid “SAMPLE” through the mail.

My health is a full time job and I’m healthy!