Title: Sex Lessons: Stumbling Forward to a Mature Perspective

Guests: Kash Abdulmalik & Bob Beuth

This week on Men are People Too, Lisa Orkin asks the guys how they learned to have sex. Was is a great partner? Was it videos on the internet? SPILL.

Kash Abdulmalik

Kash Abdulmalik is a comedian, writer and actor currently living in Los Angeles. Feel free to Google him and view results like hilarious storyteller, bull-headed brave heart and sexual tyrannosaurus.

Occupation: Commercial Actor/ Comedian
Relationship Status: 11 months into what could be a very fulfilling relationship.
Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Soup: New England Clam Chowder
Celebrity Doppelganger: Retta

Bob Beuth

Bob is an actor and artist and has appeared in many commercials, TV shows and films over the past 30 years. His first love is the theater and in his spare time he teaches sculpting, mask making and puppetry to up and coming young artists.

Occupation: He makes his living as an actor on TV
Relationship Status: He has been married to Terry Frias for 13 years, having met her online in 2000.
Sign: He is a Sagittarius.
Favorite Soup: Potato Soup
Celebrity Doppelganger: Brad Pitt…(except for the fact that we look nothing alike)