Lisa Love


OMG! Have you heard of Thrive Market?

It’s like Costco meets Wholefoods! Huge selection of healthy foods and easy to browse! I love it!!! And I don’t have to put a bra on and go to the store!

Audible is my best friend!

Always there for me with the perfect words! Intuitive! Never, ignores me! I listen all the time! In bed, in the car, hiking, doing dishes. I have downloaded my books than I care to say.


I am really picky about makeup, I have had skin issues most my life and I have a bit of scarring. I don’t like to look like I am overly made up so it’s a fine line and a lot of foundations and lipsticks turn orange on me.

My favorite base for on camera is between two depending on the time of the month!

  • I really love the Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream and it’s one I use the most and even for every day. t goes on a little light and thick but quickly absorbs and looks great.
  • The other foundation I use and always go back to is from Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation and actual one more that is murderous on my skin but looks flawless is MAC Studio FIX.
  • I also am a firm believer in primer. I wasn’t always but my skin has gotten so oily and so I use the Cover FX MATTIFYING PRIMER WITH ANTI-ACNE TREATMENT. You can get it on the website or Sephora just google the above. Another primer I use only on very special occasions because it’s not the best for my skin is Smashbox. It is truly amazing!
  • And now for piece de resistance MAC Spice Lip Pencil and Cherry Chapstick! And this looks good on every coloring!
My favorite Hula Hoop!

My Favorite Books

The Desire Map is one of my favorite books.

I read this over 15 years ago and I reread every few years. When I do magic happens.

This book sits next to my bed always.

Another Danielle Laporte book!

Be Silly Now