An Honestly Lisa confession…

I had a sex dream about Ron Howard.

Yeah, that guy.

Not that I ever thought about Ron Howard in that way… Ever! But holy moly was it hot! He was a beautiful lover! And the whole thing was super dreamy, candlelight and he kept looking deep into my eyes touching my face and he fed me GRAPES!!! Super cliché, Ron Howard, but I ate it up.

Really… Ron Howard!

When I woke up I looked at my boyfriend and felt super guilty, like I’d committed slumbertime adultery… so I blurted out what happened. He looked at me really hard, like he was a dog and I was eating a hot dog, he paused and told me I can close my eyes and pretend he’s Ron Howard, although he would prefer to be The Fonz.

Here is a little chestnut about cheating dreams…

And this an interview I did with this amazing man who talked about cheating and working his ass off with his wife to save his marriage. Some of you may know my marriage ended because my husband had this issue and eventually fell in love with someone else. I was forced to confront my own fears of being alone. It has taken years to understand why I put up with it… and why I stuck my head so far in the sand during my marriage. I have written endless stories about that time in my life… and I fucking survived.

I met Ted at a Rob Bell workshop.