Owner & Creative Director of the award-winning Radio Ranch

Lisa has written, voiced, and produced thousands of humorous radio commercials helping businesses get heard all over the US and Canada.

Comedian, Storyteller, & Actress

Over 25 years of making people laugh on stage and screen from New York to Los Angeles.

Wrote and starred in a series of highly acclaimed comedic solo shows about love, sex, divorce, and parenthood.

Wrote and starred in several award-winning indie films with the producers of Anchorman and Welcome to Me.

Workshops & Keynote

Featured speaker and essayist at national conventions on the subject of humor, storytelling, advertising and life.

Continues to empower and drive thousands of people, online and in person, to remove life’s stresses by virtue of silliness through her signature program Be Silly Now.

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Be Silly Now

  • Lisa combines eastern thought and western humor to help businesses, entrepreneurs and seekers live in the NOW through their own active silliness.
  • With lighthearted humor and refreshing honesty, Lisa offers techniques for turning everyday anxieties into gratitude, dismay into play.
  • Through humor, Lisa teaches how to make living in the present more accessible.
  • A practical approach to living in the now that you won’t hate.  No meditation.  No worksheets. No Grateful lists. No contemplating your navel.  Just simple life hacks to awaken the silly bone and relieve the stress and pressures of everyday life.

Adcrafting with Soul

  • Lisa teaches advertisers, agencies, marketing professionals, and broadcasters how to use their own life stories to create compelling, relatable, humorous copy that sells.
  • With an emphasis on preparation, briefing, and brainstorming, the copy practically writes itself.
  • Humor and story are the marketing sweet spot that will bring in the most revenue to your business.

Best break out session in the entire conference.

Mark Gordon

President/CEO, Missouri Broadcasters Association

We have had nothing but effusive gratitude for producing the Creative Seminar in Eugene.  Thank you so very much!

Peter Powell

President, Eugene Area Radio Stations

What sets her apart is her charismatic delivery and willingness to plumb her most embarrassing depths, which makes her feel like the insta-best friend you just hugged in the ladies room.

Amy Nicholson

LA Weekly

Numero uno in creating fantastically effective original ‘story-style’ radio spots.

Jim Tazerack

Taz Media

She has been making a strong name for herself in LA for years with her storytelling abilities, especially those from a woman’s perspective. Orkin has a strong personal voice…willing to talk about everything.

Trish Ostroski

The Tolucan Times

Orkin, a deadpan blend of Anne Hathaway and Elaine May.

David C. Nichols

LA Times