Marsha Shandur is the shit and my spirit animal!

Growing up in a Russian family, stories were in Marsha’s blood, the currency of her family conversations. she received a psychology degree from the University of Edinburgh then did a 15-year stint as a Radio DJ, where I learned how to hone in on the best bits of a story and arrange them to make the most impact — in the 20 seconds between songs.

She is a Networking Mentor and learned how to apply her instincts and storytelling skills to the business world, teaching people how to get to the heart of their business story and tell it in a way that had their dream clients lining up to work with them.

Now, as a Storytelling Coach, Marsha helps everyone from solopreneurs to TED speakers craft their messages for maximum impact, empathy, and effectiveness.



  • Marsha’s Mother, “She knit a new career out of thin air…”
  • Leaving a life you love because of love.
  • Cultural Stealing
  • Pulling the funeral card.
  • Identity crisis after identity crisis.
  • How to get upgraded on an airplane.
  • I never play the acting card.
  • What do you want your business to look like?
  • Marie Forleo
  • Marcia helps people learn to use stories to instantly create a deep connection with their readers and listeners.
  • Being weird is a little bit funny, and we’re all a little bit weird.
  • Whether it is networking or whatever else, it is all about stories.