I have Michelle Pante & Reena Lazar on this episode from the glorious inspiring Willow EOL. They help us look at the things that may be scary but important to grasp because ultimately, looking at the end of our lives can inspire us to live fully right now.

Honestly, this is a pretty funny interview and not a downer at all… you will laugh ass off and maybe cry a little. Like a good romcom.

I remember calling my mother about a week before she died to ask her what color Crocs(the shoes) she wanted. My sister said to me, Lisa she is dying and does not need shoes. I argued with my sister to not be such a Debbie Downer and then bought my mom a leopard pair Crocs.

I arrived at my moms’ house with leopard Crocs in hand to find my whole family sitting with her. My mom still able to talk said thank you and looked at me with a mom look and I began to sob, really sob. And I could not stop crying until… well… I am still crying now writing this.

It’s been almost 10 years and I still cry out of nowhere. I still have the crocks. They are my go-to yoga shoes and every time I look down I see my mom. I want to be buried in the leopard Crocs, they will be super comfortable to wear in the afterlife.



It’s about the legacy you leave in the world.

If you take care of things now, it will make a huge difference in the future.

Do it yourself home funerals

Green burials

Community-Based Death Caring

Inspire people to take charge of their lives by taking care of their death.

Death as a cool adventure

The Ultimate Transformation

Most people are fascinated by what they do

There is something empowering about planning your death

Departure directions: understanding the scope of your options

Love letters and heart wills: take time to write lasting messages to those they love and legacy letters

Talking about death and dying changes your life and how you show up

What do I want people to remember?

An ass-backward way to find your truth

Expect that your choices will be respected and treated with compassion and responsibility

Citizens at birth and consumers at death.

You have the right to ask for what you want

The DIY yourself world brings us back in touch and has the potential for growth and healing

Your death is the greatest autobiographical act you will create.

Go Over to WillowEOL and download your free guide to write your heart will.

A deeply transformative and powerful tool to help you reflect on your life, and create lasting messages for those you love.

A Will for the Woods

Natural burial/Green burial

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