This week on Men are People Too,  we find out what it’s like to be in love, and want to say those magical three words that haunt us all!

Chris Bonno

Occupation: Chris Bonno is a professional comedian and artist. – His fine art prints can be found at –
Relationship status: Taken
Sign: Cancer
Favorite soup: Mushroom with Cheddar Cheese


Dylan Brody

Occupation: Dylan Brody is an award-winning playwright a humorist storyteller and a novelist. He lives in Sylmar California with his two dogs, Sir Corwin the Beautiful Dog-Faced Dog, Brindled Beast of Sylmar and Lord Buckley Sweetlips, Greatest of all Dane Mutts ( the dinosaur slaying dog), as well as his wife whose name escapes him at the moment.
Relationship status: Married
Sign: Taurus
Favorite soup: Any bisque

Quinton Flynn


Jerry Houser

Occupation: VO actor and producer. Also currently teaching a VO Workshop… the “HouserHolt VO Workshop”
Relationship status: Married. An amazing woman named Kaye Michaelson
Sign: Cancer
Favorite soup: Corn chowder
Celebrity doppelganger: uh… me?

Scott Parkin

Occupation: I’m an actor & VO guy. I also write for the TV . I’m a VO coach and improv specialist. Follow me on Twitter: Showbiz Adjacent @CaliforniaGravy. My Podcast: Scott Parkin & The Farm Report
Relationship status: Single
Sign: Pisces
Favorite soup: Mom’s homemade clam chowder
Celebrity doppelganger: Bruce Willis

Robbie Rist

Occupation: Robbie Rist does a lot of stuff. Most of it art related. He is the voice of Stuffy on Doc McStuffins , he has a band called The Wrong Dots and he has a podcast called The Spoon. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Relationship status: Taken
Sign: Aries
Favorite soup: matza ball, doy.
Celebrity doppelganger: Paul Williams