Guests: Chris Bonno, Charles Dayton, Robbie Rist

This week, the guys are discussing whether or not the signals women are actually working or not; and what signals you can send to get their attention.

Chris Bonno

Chris Bonno is a professional comedian and artist. –
His fine art prints can be found at –

Relationship Status: Taken
Sign: Cancer
Favorite Soup: Mushroom soup with cheddar cheese


Charles Dayton

I’ve lived in Los Angeles pretty much all my life. I have worked as an actor, an improv coach, bag boy, theater usher, film school equipment wrangler, caterer, PA, cinematographer, performance artist assistant, on set sound, theatrical sound designer, ADR and Foley recordist and editor, sfx editor, dialog editor, sound supervisor, party douche bag, truck driver, bar tender…….. I am the father of the best child in the world. I am the progeny of a show biz family. Danny and Arlene Dayton. I drove Jerry Lewis’ yacht, Jan Murray was my ‘Uncle Jan’, and we broke the fast at Buddy Hackett’s house. I have been forced to tell a story my dad taught me, in front of Jack Carter, Buddy, Jan, Don Rickles, and a few other people, and survived.

I have been married 21 years, and it’s been the happiest 10 years of my life.

Occupation: Recording Mixer
Marital Status: Happily Married
Sign: Exit only
Celebrity Doppelganger: Daniel Day Lewis
Favorite Food: Mrs. Lovette’s meat pies

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Robbie Rist

Robbie Rist does a lot of stuff. Most of it art related. He is the voice of Stuffy on Doc McStuffins , he has a band called The Wrong Dots and he has a podcast called The Spoon. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Occupation: Entertainment
Relationship Status: Taken
Sign:  Aries (or Slow Children at Play)
Favorite Soup: I’m Jewish. Chicken matzoh ball… doy
Celebrity Doppelganger: Paul Williams

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Here and Here are links to Robbie’s Podcast.